Hi, I am Mckenna Kailin

I am a self taught photographer from Clovis, CA. I started photography in 2019 and I have been LOVING it. My end goal is to do photography as my full time job. As of right now I have my business doing photography and I work for a florist here in Old Town Clovis, which I absolutely love! When I'm not behind the camera I am probably binge watching something on Netflix or eating... HAHA.

Some facts about me

1. I don't like avocados (I know everyone loves them but I can't get on board with that texture)

2. 99% of the music on my phone is country (whoops) BUT I love every type of music (besides screamo, NO THANK YOU)

3. I love concerts with every ounce of my soul and I would go to one every day if I could

4. I love fruit so much I could probably live off of it

5.I am (recently Oct2020) married to the most amazing man in the whole world who pushes me in the best ways possible (he also is an amazing guitar player which is a major bonus)

6. I don't like chocolate... I know another weird one, oh well.

Now let me capture your memories and let's become Best Friends!!

The girl behind the camera

Me and My Babe